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I bought the pnp bundle that included this game.  I prefer the 9 grid layout, but noticed there are no map tiles, map tile backs, or scavenge deck backs.  How can I get those prints?

Also, I see some updated pdf files for the map tile backs (still no 9 grid map tiles).

The problem is that in order to access the updated files, I would have to pay another $1.00, when I already spent the money to get the game in its entirety.  Help!

The Demo doesn't seem to work.  A little weary of buying the actual game if I am already having issues before I pay

Hi, thank you for developed this game and support with expantions pack. I bought Kaiju and pnp base game. Do you think make 9grid scavenge back and 9grid map tile ?

Thank you

Hey, I just bought this and I had a couple of questions.

  1. In the manual, you talk about items being equipped. But HOW do I equip an item? I mean, what is the difference between an item that is equipped and one that is just in my inventory? Are the 4 Gear cards you can play on your character the equipped cards, and the ones in your hand are unequipped, or do you have to play them automatically and you indicate what cards are equipped in some other way?
  2. Some of the enemies have a "Draw" keyword on their Effect text. Is this executed in the Draw phase? For instance the Military Remnant says "Draw: Discard an equipped gear or take 4 damage." It doesn't tell you to actually draw anything, so I'm guessing it triggers during every draw phase?

Anyway, I've only played the game solo so far, in Tabletop Simulator, but I'm looking forward to playing the Print and Play version IRL soon. I actually found it due to the Kaiju Expansion, which I'm probably going to get after I've played a few games.

1. Your equipped items are the cards you have played from your hand and equipped on your character.  You have 4 inventory (backpacks) worth of equipped gear.

2. Draw keyword is triggered when the monster is drawn not during your draw phase.

Hey, thanks for the response. I'll have to remember that for next time.

9grid scavenge.pdf have no back side ? 

I'm not seeing the Scientist or Army Ranger survivor decks in the 9grid PNP or the MA Final Production Files zips. Are they in there somewhere (if so, what is the filepath inside the zip), or are they missing (if so, is it possible to get them somewhere else)? Thanks!

Did they already gave you an answer?

Nope, I haven't seen a response on that.

Those characters are part of the Kaiju Expansion