Updated Cards in 9grid layout

I've uploaded the final cards in PDF form laid out 9 per page for easier printing.  There's also a new complete production PNP as of 7/26 but I will update and finalize this with the final final production files in the coming weeks. 


9grid Card Print PNP.zip 68 MB
Aug 06, 2017

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It looks like the 9 grid files only includes the poker-sized cards, not the map tiles or the tokens. I'm trying to do a PnP version of this to demo it to my game group, but there seems to be some parts missing from this file.

I can find most of the images in other PDFs here, but it is hard to know if I've got *everything* I need to play the game until I've gone through the files and itemized every card / component. It would be nice to have just 1 set of files (or better yet 1 file) that I send to the printer. Not a huge problem, but it slows down the PnP and feedback process.