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The Few and Cursed is a deck-building adventure game based on the Comic Series of the same name. It takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth where most of the water on the planet has been gone for seventy years.

Even though what was left of mankind found a way to adapt using water, the most valuable asset on the planet, as currency, survival turned the world into a wicked wasteland where it's either kill or be killed. And evil not only endured, it won. 

People turned to dark arts, old tales of mischief and curses to survive. Death is everywhere. But for every darkness there is light - and among the few and cursed are those willing to fight to bring balance to the land: the Curse Chasers. 

In the game, players take on the role of a "Curse Chaser" looking to make a name for themselves by searching for supernatural artifacts, completing jobs, or bounty hunting. Players traverse the desert of the Pacific Ocean as they improvise and acquire new cards for their deck on their quest for fame or infamy.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FAC PNP 10-2019.zip 82 MB
main board.pdf 57 MB

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Rulebook-v2-compressed.pdf 11 MB

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Unfortunately, card backs and standees are missing. Also 1 page of the tokens needs to be mirrored for matching.

As a work-around, card backs can be obtained from the game board (except for Upgrade cards). For standees I used some of the art.

Hi @rockmanor, do  you thinks answer any question ? For example  how can we find the back side of card or why board is double side ?


Hi there, I got the PnP but the card backs are not included!!! i would be possible for you to provide them?


Is the main game board supposed to be double-sided, with a light side and a dark, cursed side on the other side? Because there are two game board pages inside the main board PDF file.

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There was an update in the Kickstarter about this.  I saw it in Updates 8 and 17. It was a stretch goal mid way through the campaign. 

The miature or stl files includes in promo pack ?

how do you buy this?

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The physical game or the PNP? The physical game can be preordered from: https://gamefound.com/projects/mike/fewandcursed#/project-overview

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